Spring Boys April 6th-8th    •    Spring Girls April 27th-29th    •    Fall Girls Nov 23rd-25th    •    Winter Boys Dec 26th-31st
Tournament Rules

All games will be played in accordance with NCAA hockey rules.
Exception: Icing is automatic and teams can change on an icing call.
All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy will apply for all players, coaches & parents

1) Round Robin games

  • Two 20 minute stop-time periods
  • 3 min warm-up; No time outs in round robin play
  • Overtime played only during playoffs
  • If team leads by 5 or more goals last 10 minutes of game, clock will not stop
  • Minor Penalty: 1:30
  • Major Penalty: 4:00
  • Misconduct: 6:00
  • Five penalties in one game = Game Misconduct for current game
  • There will be no checking at any level
  • Players can only be rostered on one team and must play in minimum of two games to be eligible for playoffs

2) Game Sheets: All teams must provide labels for weekend at start of tournament.
3) Locker Rooms: Coaches responsible to check locker rooms after every game. All locker rooms must be cleaned with all trash disposed of in trash cans.
4) Point System: Win 2 points Loss 0 points Tie 1 point


If two teams are tied with equal points to determine the winner will go as follows:

  • Head to Head (2 teams tied only)
  • Lowest Goals Against
  • Goal Differential (Goals for minus goals against, max +/-3 goals per game
  • Least Penalty Minutes
  • If still tie (COIN TOSS)

Championship Games

  • All Semi-Final Games are one 30 minute stop-time period
  • All Championship Games are three 15 minute stop-time periods
  • Teams in Semi-Finals & Finals will be given a one minute timeout
  • Overtime: Playoff rounds only one five (5) minute 4 on 4 sudden death period
  • Shootouts: 3 player shoot out per team; should tie persist, sudden death shoot out until
    there is a winner. No player may shoot twice unless all players have shot or team with least
    amount of players has shot.

Final Results
Final Standings
Tournament Details
Tournament Rules
Divisions Brackets


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